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One of the most useful things car repair and maintenance guy could use is a good car lift. While these are not for everybody they really do make life easy for many car repairs. Much of the work to be done on modern cars is from underneath the car. Jacking the car up on jacks and sliding under each time can really ware you down. I was always envious on the ease mechanics at your standard auto repair shop can work on a car. Be it to change tiers or to work on the engine/transmission. My life long dream was to have my own, at grage, car lift. These days you can get and install one without spending an arm and a leg.


Installation – Upon request, we can provide you with the name of a local installer to install your automotive lift for you. We offer these as a reference and a convenience to our customers. These installers are independent, third party contractors, that you, the customer decide to hire or not. These installers are not agents, partners, nor are they employed by The Tool Connection. The Tool Connection disclaims any guarantee, warranty or promise, whether implied or expressed by the installer / contractor regarding their workmanship, fitness for a particular purpose, or the materials the independent contractor will use. We provide installer quotes for informational purposes only. Ultimately, it is your, (the customer’s) decision on whether or not to hire them. We do not advise or recommend you to use any particular contractor. Using these installers is the customer’s choice, and means that the customer assumes all risk and The Tool Connection assumes no liability whatsoever for any damages or loss.. We will gladly obtain quotes from these installers / contractors on your behalf, merely as a convenience to you.